[mythtv-users] Starting recordings early and finishing late not working

Vince Coen vbcoen at btconnect.com
Tue Mar 2 17:18:14 UTC 2010

To my knowledge there are 2 places where this is done:

1. in the initial set up for background, section 1. General, I think.
2. Via frontend in Set up and profiles also via another menu option called 

If you are having a problem finding these let me know and I will go to my box 
and pass on the sequence/steps.


On Tuesday 02 Mar 2010, Ian Oliver wrote:
> In article <201003021423.21953.vbcoen at btconnect.com>, Vince Coen wrote:
> > If you computer clock is wrong so will be your recordings
> The clock is fine.
> It seems to be recording when it says it will, but it says it's going
> to start them all five minutes late!
> I guess I have the sign of the setting wrong, but I'm not totally sure
> where the right setting is. I guess I need to track down where
> recording profiles are done?
> Ian
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