[mythtv-users] Partitioning 1TB disk to MythTV

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Jun 28 11:59:52 UTC 2010

Josu Lazkano wrote:

>I have a HTPC and I want to install MythTV to watch satellite
>channels, the PC has 1TB hard drive. How I must partition it?

There's no "MUST" about it - you can partition it as you want, but 
there are some recommendations.

Personally I would do it like this :
100M for /boot - not required these days, but I'm just a bit stuck in my ways !
5G for / - should be waaay more than you need but it's hard to resize 
Some swap
The rest as an LVM PV

Within the LVM I'd then create volumes for :
/var - about 5G should see you through
wherever the database stores it's files (/var/lib/mysql ?)
The rest for a recording store. Mount it on (for example) /store, but 
create a directory in it and store the recording files in 
/store/recordings. That way, if it fails to mount for some reason, 
Myth will fail to find the directory and fail, rather than filling up 

Ideally you would put your OS and database on a separate physical 
drive - that way you can parallelise access to the database whilst 
streaming recordings to/from disk.

Also, I might keep back some of the LVM initially - that way, if you 
find you want a bit more room for the db or /var, then there's some 
spare to extend the LV into.
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