[mythtv-users] Always use the HD PVR and retire my PVR 250, or continue to use both in same recording group

James Maclaren maclaren at tulane.edu
Thu Jun 24 23:02:45 UTC 2010

I have just recently bought an HDPVR - wished I had known they would be 
on sale - everything is working fine. I have a PVR 250 as well currently 
on the same feed for SD shows from directv.  Both the hdpvr and pvr 250 
are in the same recording group.  My question is, should I just record 
everything on component to the hdpvr or keep the current configuration.  
What are other users doing? How will the quality/size be of sd 
recordings compare to that of the pvr 250 recorded in 480i through 
s-video?  I have my directv box set to ouput 720p which is the 
resolution of my hdtv.
Thanks for any advice.

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