[mythtv-users] Scheduling bug? Two episodes at same time

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 23 02:52:36 UTC 2010

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On 06/22/2010 10:22 PM, Len Reed wrote:
> Definitely a bug, or perhaps one could argue it's a limitation in the 
> database schema design. I worked around this by manually changing the 
> starttime on the duplicate entries. For example, the starttime for USA 
> vs. Algeria is '2010-06-23 09:30:00' (standard) but the starttime for 
> England vs Slovia is now one second later ('2010-06-23 09:30:01'). 
> Everything appears as if it will work correctly, but I can't know 
> until tomorrow morning.
> Changing the starttime also untangled the confusion I was seeing with 
> overrides. With standard startttimes, overriding one game ("do not 
> record") would X out both games at that time. My guess (without 
> delving into the code) is that the database operations assume that 
> rule+starttime is unique.
> Just to make this fun, the schedule provider changed the title for all 
> games from "2001 World Cup Soccer" to "FIFA Copa Mundial". Had I not 
> done a full refresh due to a mysql mishap that would have trickled in 
> over days. (Stupid me, not doing a database backup before using mysql, 
> but it worked out to my benefit.) Any way, I've turned off updating 
> and EIT for the next days.

Your posts so far have said that the 2 shows /you're looking at/ are not 
the same.  Something else is happening.  If MythTV says it's recording 
one of the shows at some other time, it's recording one of the shows at 
some other time, and you're ignoring that later showing that /is/ the 
same show.

Show me the output I mentioned (ideally without your database edits) and 
I'll prove there's no bug.  It's /definitely/ not a "limitation in the 
database schema design".  From what you've said, I have no reason to 
believe that it's anything other than user misunderstand of what's 
actually happening.


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