[mythtv-users] Scheduling bug? Two episodes at same time

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 23 02:06:37 UTC 2010

On 06/22/2010 09:18 PM, Len Reed wrote:
> On 06/22/2010 09:01 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 06/22/2010 08:56 PM, Len Reed wrote:
>>> I'm trying to record two World Cup games at once. The local Spanish
>>> station is showing both games in their over the air broadcast.
>>> One is in true HighDef on 34_1; the other is in digital 480i on 34_2.
>>> Myth isn't letting me schedule both. The 34_2 games come up 'O' in
>>> upcoming recordings. Drilling down gives "This showing will not be
>>> recorded because this episode will be recorded on a different channel
>>> in this time slot."
>>> Consider this morning at 09:30 (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time). 34_1
>>> had subtitle 'Fasa de Grupos: México vs. Uraguay' and 34_2 had
>>> 'Fase de Grupos: Francia vs. Sudáfrica'. Both had title "2010 FIFA
>>> World Cup Soccer" (in English!). The verbose Spanish descriptions
>>> were accurate and different.
>>> The program ids are identical, of course, and the database has
>>> no episode number for either.
>>> Normally I can record 34_1 and 34_2 simultaneously using my single-
>>> tuner HDHOMERUN. (They're multiplexed in the same frequency.)
>>> I doubt this has anything to do with the capture device, though.
>>> I tried faking it out by changing the title of one game (using
>>> 'mysql'), and upcoming recordings said it would record both games.
>>> (I had to turn of EIT and daily schedule refresh.) When it came time
>>> to record, though, it failed utterly and nothing recorded. I can't
>>> recall the exact message, but it was something about "no listing for
>>> this program." I'm not terribly good with databases, so I'm not sure
>>> what I've missed in my attempted work-around.
>>> This sounds like a bug to me, wherein the scheduler "thinks" there
>>> are two identical programs at once (same program id and title, no
>>> epidode number) but they are in fact different in subtitle and
>>> description.
>> No, they are identical. The programid is the definitive indicator of
>> which episode is showing. If both programs have a programid and those
>> programids match, it is /definitely/ the same episode.
> I'm sorry. It was the seriesid (as expected) that was identical: 
> EP01232935. The programid is definitely different:
> Mexico is EP012329350003
> France is EP012329350044
>>> Is this a bug? Anyone have an idea at how to work around this?
>>> (It becomes moot after Friday, of course, at least with respect
>>> to simultaneous World Cup matches.)
>> You need to use either a rule that has duplicate matching disabled or a
>> one-time override rule for each showing that specifies no duplicate
>> matching.
> I should have mentioned that I tried turning off all duplicate 
> matching. That had no effect.

Then the show that's not recording because it's recording on another 
channel is recording on another channel at some other time or you didn't 
create the right type of recording rule (i.e. it's a find one instead of 
a "any time" rule).

To tell you exactly what's happening, I'd need you to post the 
(complete) output of mythbackend --printsched 2>&1 | tee 
$HOME/mythtv-schedule.txt (i.e. attach ~/mythtv-schedule.txt after 
running that command) and tell me exactly which shows (title/subtitle 
and start time) you're interested in.


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