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Rick Nickle ricknickle at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 22 03:23:05 UTC 2010

Thanks for your reply Doug.
  2) The description you have should be text about the news story although 
  the URL you have does no harm either way,
I just that had that in there for debugging purposes so I could see the URL
was formed correctly after I'd done some regexp on it.
  3) The "<link>" URL should be to the Web page for that specific News 
  video. It is likely that MythBrowser tries to process the 
<http://www.hirtv.hu/filmek/hirado21/hirado20100613.wmv%22> " but is not 
  capable of direct playback. You cannot always assume MythBrowser will 
  play everything a alternate browser (e.g. Firefox) can play back. All 
  "links" are processed by MythBrowser. The Internal player is not used 
  directly by Netvision.
I see.  I tried substituting /usr/bin/firefox for Internal in MythBrowser
and this did not work.
I tried setting <player>cvlc</player> and <playerargs>-f %URL%</playerargs>
and it did not seem to launch an external player (nor provide a new menu
option for that.
It occurs to me that perhaps I'm not running the latest version (although I
thought I was taking trunk fixes), I'm on version
  4) Leave your "media:content" URL as it is now. With the Link changed to 
  a web page and the "media:content" URL being a file link MNV will know 
  that the video can be downloadable and reflect that in its menu for this 
  item. Once downloaded the wmv file can be played by any capable video 
I tried applying the thumbnail here to an icon I put into the
%SHAREDIR%/mythnetvision/icons/hirtv.png, but it did not work.  I had no
indication that the file was downloaded (where would it go?  I couldn't find
it in any of the /usr/share or /var/lib directories, but I also monitored
for it with lsof and could not find it.)
  5) For the thumbnail either set the link to your grabber icon for 
  example "%SHAREDIR%/mythnetvision/icons/bbciplayer.jpg" is for the BBC 
  iPlayer icon OR set the URL to the logo on the HirTV web site. It will 
  looks better. The "%SHAREDIR%" will be dynamically resolved by Netvision 
  at display time. You would of course need to create an icon for your 
  grabbers. A base icon is provided in trunk and can be edited with 
  inkscape. See 
Here I tried to apply this to the thumbnail="" argument to the directory
tag, but it did not seem to work in that context either.
  In a reply please include the URL (web site or RSS feed) which you are 
  using to create your item data. I may have additional comments in 
  regards to your questions about "wmv" playback.
No problem, I'm not sure if you want  to look at the web site originally or
look at my source.  What's the policy for posting source to the email list?
Is there a place to upload it?  I could put it on my page on the wiki.  I'll
do that for now:
Posted to http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User:AW01545
The website I'm filtering to generate the RSS is
http://www.hirtv.hu/view/videoview/hirado if you want to look at it, but I
actually drill down to one of the subframes of this page to get the data.
my $baseurl=cleantext("http://www.hirtv.hu");
my $url=$baseurl . "/?tPath=/view/videoview/hirado&sp=Offer";
my $cleanurl=cleantext($url);
Note that I fetch make '$url' because for some reason their site chokes if I
escape the & into &amp;.  So I have '$cleanurl' to pass to the XML for the
grabber, but $url to pass to LWP to fetch the page I'm going to parse to
generate the other RSS content.
I'm really excited about this Plugin, I think it's great.  I wonder if I
might have more insight into what's working and what isn't if I dug into the
source.  What's the build process like?  Do I have to build and link the
whole mythtv system to build MythNetvision?  I haven't built from source yet
at all, I just have been taking the fixes.
Thanks again, Doug!
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