[mythtv-users] Considering switching to Dish Network from cable

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jun 21 19:39:18 UTC 2010

On Monday, June 21, 2010 11:23:38 am Phil Bridges wrote:
> Has anybody here done this switch?  I was hoping to pick up 2 HD
> tuners and 2 HD-PVRs to connect them to.  Anything I should look out
> for?
> Is the HD-PVR IR Blaster working properly through Myth?  Should I
> anticipate problems if I use 2 HD-PVRs with blasters on the same
> backend?  I can hood the IR blasters on the fronts of the Dish
> receivers, so I'm not concerned about that part of it.

I have both DISH and cable, and an HD-PVR.

One problem with the DISH receivers is that they are set up for two TV sets. The first uses an IR remote but set #2 uses an 
RF remote, and "blasting" RF is a non-trivial thing.

If you only want to use the main channel (TV #1) of the receiver you should have no problems, but controlling the second 
output of a dual-channel receiver is another matter. I have seen IR-to-RF converters, but they are expensive and I don't 
know how well they might work.

So you may need to get an additional receiver, if you want to control two of them, and there may be a cost associated with 
that second receiver.

With my main DISH receiver (a VIP 722) HD is only available for the first TV set, the second has SD outputs only.

So the "second" output is very hard to control (needs an RF signal) and can't output HD.

As long as you only use the first channel of each receiver, you should be OK, it's using the second output that's 

The HD-PVR needs component inputs, but only the first channel of a receiver has those outputs.

You may be able to get an extra receiver for free if you tell them it's for an additional set. Your negotiating power is 
at max prior to the installation, after that you lose most of your clout. They sometimes advertise "4 set" deals, so you 
may be able to get 2 receivers for no additional cost. 4 sets to DISH equals 2 receivers. 

I can't say how well the HD-PVR's blaster works, I use a MyBlaster to control my DISH receiver and it works fine, but they 
are hard to find.

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