[mythtv-users] looking for 64 bit Flash Linux plugin

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Jun 17 21:26:00 UTC 2010

On Thursday, June 17, 2010 03:02:18 pm Robert Parker wrote:
> Arggh!!
> I just re-installed from scratch my MythTV setup and then went to download
> the 64 bit Flash 10.1  (the version that has no stuttering problems with
> streaming) only to find that Adobe discontinued the download a few days
> ago. It is unknown when Adobe will make this available again.
> Anyone know where I can download the 64 bit 10.1 Flash plugin ?

Yeah, that was on /. this morning:


I have that installed on one of my machines. Re-distributing it is probably a license violation, but I might want to move 
it to a different machine of mine sometime, which I think at least *should* be OK.

If anyone knows an easy way to get from an installed copy to something that can be installed on another machine easily, it 
might be helpful.

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