[mythtv-users] My Mythtv is dead.

Paul Kendall paul at kcbbs.gen.nz
Wed Jun 16 05:36:00 UTC 2010

> A lightening strike took out my myth fe/be last night. (The ups battery
>  went bad last week!)  I see some posts from last year where atom ions are
>  being used as Fe/be that looked promising.  I was wondering if anyone had
>  any six month or one year reports on how well that configuration works.  
>  Skipping. Stuttering.  Max number recordings.  Over heating. Etc.
> Thanks, jr
I have 3 of these.

Two I use as frontends only with a Core 2 backend.

The other I have set up for my folks which is be/fe solution. This is the one
you are interested in. I have a 500GB disk and also have a dual DVB-T usb
tuner attached. My folks use it almost every night. It is quiet in the TV 
cabinet and works well with 2GB ram.


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