[mythtv-users] burning dvd's with two back ends...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Tue Jun 15 22:58:43 UTC 2010

Hi all...

I think I know the answer to this but I'd like to discuss it any ways. 
Just in case there is a creative solution out there.

I have two back ends.  So my recordings are kept in both places.  This 
is pretty much transparent to the end user as myth front end can play 
shows from any back end.  But myth archive is a different story.  It, as 
far as I know (AFAIK), can only burn recordings which are local to the 
machine where the front end is running.

So I cross mounted the recording directories to/from the two back ends. 
  A task that was, to say the least, confusing.  Still no luck.  Ah, I 
needed to get into the mythtv-setup program and tell each back end there 
were more directories to find recordings in.  Now, when I run myth 
archive I can see all the programs instead of only a few.

But, alas, an unwanted side effect.  Because I told mythtv-setup about 
the cross mounted recording directories, the back end (I think) is 
taking advantage of the new space and is trying to store programs there! 
  Noooo!  Can you imagine the amount of bandwidth that I am chewing up 
between the two back ends?  Storing, transcoding, commercial 
flagging?!?!  When all is said and done some shows will probably have 
made the journey between the two back ends half a dozen times!

It gets worse though.  For safety, I purposely have my nfs servers 
export everything as read only.  Can you guess what is actually 
happening ever since I set up my cross mounted mythtv recording 
directories?  I have ended up with blank programs of zero length.  I 
assume the back end randomly tries to use the mounted read only 
directory.  When this happens no file is created.  When I try to play 
back such a recording the front ends simply can not find it.

In a perfect world myth archive would be able to pull a program from any 
back end and make the process as transparent as the mythtv front end 
player does.  Then I wouldn't have to cross mount the recording 
directories to/from each of the two back ends.

But, for now, is there a way to tell mythtv archive about the cross 
mounted directories so it can find all the recordings while leaving the 
mythtv backend ignorant the cross mounts are there?


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