[mythtv-users] Small USB IR Receiver

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Mon Jun 14 21:00:28 UTC 2010

Roy Lofthouse wrote:
> Can you get a small USB IR receiver like the bluetooth one shown here:
> http://keylinkit.com/store/media/ss_size1/TinyBluetooth.jpg
> Trying to keep a minimal amount of wires for a new myth frontend and I
> dont want to go RF or bluetooth.

I don't think it likely as mythtv users create hardware they can build. 
  I don't know if you have ever built things as small as the bluetooth 
device you used as an example.  It probably uses a chip on board 
manufacturing process - that would be the end of it WRT to home brewed 
hacking.  And even if you could build one with lead-less chips, well, 
have you ever tried to solder on a lead-less chip by hand??

As you are hinting at a USB device, this project is close to what I 
think you want:

You could re-lay out the board and use a USB plug instead of a socket 
and choose a smaller PIC package (Ian used a DIP - that's just huge!). 
I'd say you could half his design size and create a "USB plug-in dongle" 
and still make it at home.

Shameless "please do the work for me" plug:
If you do re-lay out the board, may I suggest you do so over at 
sparkfun's PCB service and make your layout available to all.
That way any of use can order up a few for the cost of fabrication.  How 
great would that be?  Eh?  Everybody give Roy some encouragement!

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