[mythtv-users] Help needed for MultiRec

Alan Ferrero alanf at tin.it
Mon Jun 14 12:06:22 UTC 2010

Hello! :)

Having the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-4000, I'm trying to properly setting it
up in order to take advantage of the so called "MultiRec" feature (i.e.
simultaneously recording channels that all share the same multiplex;

In the card configuration (Backend) I set 3 as max number of recordings,
for both DVB-T and DVB-S, then created 2 different video sources, one
each for terrestrial and satellite.

Now: in MythTV Frontend, when selecting "Watch TV", I first get the
"Please wait...." on screen message for a few seconds, then it returns
to the main menu; I hit "Watch TV" once again and everything starts
working regularly.

I checked the Kernel output looking for clues and noticed that my card's
firmware (needed to operate the satellite part of it) got loaded 3 times
(the third one, when I first selected "Watch TV") which is exactly the
number of max recordings I previously set.

Can you help me to fix this?

Thanks! :)

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