[mythtv-users] Lost EPG

Melanie melanie.t23 at ukonline.co.uk
Sun Jun 13 13:45:08 UTC 2010

On Sunday 13 June 2010 12:46:01 Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 13 June 2010 10:56, Melanie <melanie.t23 at ukonline.co.uk> wrote:
> > All the indications are that my system is set up to collect listing data
> > but is unable to do so, the question is why?
> Have you checked your database for errors? The optimize_mythdb.pl
> script will do this for you and try to correct any errors it finds. It
> is possible a crashed table could be causing your problem even if all
> MythTV settings are correct.
> Do you have active EIT configured (Recording Options button on the
> capture card screen in mythtv-setup)? If not, listings will only be
> collected during a recording/LiveTV session.
> Are you able to successfully watch LiveTV or configure manual recordings?
> Cheers,
> Nick

In reverse order:-

1.  Live TV and manual recording both function.

2.  /Backend setup/Capture card/Setup/Recorder options/
/Use DVB for active EIT scan is enabled.

3.  /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/maintenance/optimize_mythdb.pl

generates screenfulls of	"Repaired/Optimized nnnnn"
			"Analyzed nnnnn"
messages, doesn't indicate any errors BUT I now have programme guide 
information again - magic.

I now understand a little more about the structure of MythTV and have some new 
directories to explore.

Thanks all for your patience and help.


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