[mythtv-users] Trouble setting up Comcast channels in Mythtv

Eric H. Johnson ejohnson at camalytics.com
Fri Jun 4 16:52:34 UTC 2010


I don't have much in the way of answers, but I can confirm that I have seen
basically the same thing after upgrading (via a rebuild) to Mythbuntu 10.04
/ Mythtv 0.23. Both the channel scan and scte65scan worked fine under
Mythbuntu 9.04 / Mythtv 0.22. In 0.23, while scte65scan seems to run
properly, no channels show up after importing the generated SQL.

Also, as you mention, when I do a channel scan in mythbackend, it will
report one set of about 60 conflicts and another set of about 40 conflicts,
all out of a total channel count of around 130.

I allowed mythbackend to auto assign the channels, then went through and
manually edited them. When I go through the channels, they now all
displaying the correct channel number and call letters, yet some of them (I
expect from the same type of channel but have not confirmed this) do not
display the correct information from schedules direct. I am not sure what
the key field is for associating the schedules direct information.

Other than that however, I was able to manually enter all of the channels.

As stated above, I am running Mythbuntu 10.04 / Mythtv 0.23 using Comcast, a
Motorola DCT-6412 STB (via firewire) and a Hauppauge 2250 capture board.


I recently moved and now have Comcast cable. I get ~80 SD channels and an
handful of local broadcast networks in HD.  I don't have a STB or anything,
just cable straight from the wall.  My HDTV's built-in tuner picks up all
the channels just fine, but when I try to get them in Mythtv the trouble

When I scan for channels in mythtv-setup, it finds and adds all channels,
but when I try to watch live tv I can only get a LAMc partial lock on the SD
channels, while the HD locals tune just fine.  I remember reading somewhere
that the lowercase c means the channel is encrypted -- but I know I should
be able to get unencrypted ones, since my TV's tuner can find them. 
Also,the channel scan produces scads of conflicting channels that have to be
ignored or added manually.  Could the correct unencrypted channels be among
those?  I've never tried using Mythtv with cable before, so I'm clueless
here.  Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Vital statistics: Mythbuntu 10.04, Mythtv 0.23-fixes, pcHDTV HD-5500.

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