[mythtv-users] can't play old recordings

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Looking further, it appears some of these recordings are damaged, likely 
when the server was rebooting.  But some recordings are before I had 
that problem, and myth says it cannot find the file.

On 6/1/2010 7:28 PM, Jack McGee wrote:
> Long story but it was the weekend from hell, consumed by trying to 
> rescue computers trying to anger me.
> started with a freenas server (hosting some of my recordings, all my 
> music and videos)  that lost power, did something bad to the raid, and 
> went into random reboot mode.  Course I  did not immediately know this 
> and left my combined FE/BE running, mad that it would keep hanging.  
> I'll cut to the chase.
> I rescued some files from the recording directory on failed raid, 
> copied them to another drive, mounted that, added it to storage 
> groups.  I would assume myth would find the recordings, but it has 
> not.  Says it cannot find the recording.  If I hit "I" I find the file 
> name, and it exists on that new drive.
> So I copied it to video directory, thinking I would watch it as a Video.
> I cannot skip forward or backwards at all.  It will hang.  I can play, 
> pause, that is about it.
> #1) Why is myth not seeing the recordings,
> #2) Why does mythvideo not like to play them?
> this is  trunk from JYA repository, Ubuntu 10.04.
> thanks.
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If you are savy enough with SQL you can update the recording record to look
at the correct location. Otherwise, you only option is myth.find_orphans.pl


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