[mythtv-users] We can rule out PulseAudio

Mark Adams madams9 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 13:13:26 UTC 2010

On 07/31/2010 12:48 AM, Alan Murrell wrote:
> On 07/29/2010 09:23 AM, Mark Adams wrote:
>> I'm still looking, but I don't recognize any options. Anybody have
>> something else I can tweak/check/install/uninstall?
> I had audio problems after a recent upgrade of my Mythbuntu system.  
> It was set to use pulseaudio by default and would lose audio on 
> reboot; I would have to go into the settings to do some tweaks (I 
> can't recall what I had to do though)
> My permanent solution was to set the "Audio Output Device" to 
> "/dev/dsp" in the "Audio System" page under "Setup > General"
> -Alan

Thanks for the input Alan.  I wish I could say that worked for me, but 
it didn't.

Keep 'em coming folks.


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