[mythtv-users] Duplicate recordings because of bad SD data?

Robert Eden rmeden at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 18:12:07 UTC 2010

On 7/30/2010 12:59 AM, f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:
> Okay, I now have a case where TMS/SD assigned completely different
> programids to the very same program, and the same programid to
> different programs (different versions, but that's supposed to count,
> right?)  This is a continuation of my previous message in this thread,
> where I had two only-mostly-the-same versions of How Do They Do It?
> <program id='EP008159770162'>
> <title>How Do They Do It?</title>
> <subtitle>Produce Power from Waste; Customize Supercars; Make Super Steel Swords</subtitle>
> <showType>Series</showType>
> <series>EP00815977</series>
> <originalAirDate>2010-07-21</originalAirDate>
> </program>
> <program id='EP008159770127'>
> <title>How Do They Do It?</title>
> <description>Waste to power; Brabus Supercar; Damascus Steel.</description>
> <showType>Series</showType>
> <series>EP00815977</series>
> <syndicatedEpisodeNumber>602</syndicatedEpisodeNumber>
> <originalAirDate>2009-07-23</originalAirDate>
> </program>
> The former aired on 7/21/2010; the latter on 7/28/2010.  Note that one
> of them puts all the info in the subtitle, while the other puts it all
> in the description.  Only one of them has a syndicatedEpisodeNumber,
> and their ostensible airdates differ.
> The closed-captioning data is 100% identical, bit-for-bit.
> The only differences are in the commercials.
> Note that this means that the 7/28/2010 airing of EP008159770127 now
> has different CC data than the 7/24/2009 (note one year ago!) airing
> of EP008159770127, which also means that the same programid was used
> to describe two different programs, separated by one year.  (The CC
> data for the year-old EP008159770127 was only a fuzzy match for
> EP008159770162, as documented in my previous message.

I suspect the listing of   EP008159770127 was in error and 
 EP008159770162 should have been the episode number for that slot.  Most 
likely the station isn't providing accurate details and Tribune has to 
guess, which it can't be successful all the time. (Although it seems 
they were close, just not close enough for someone building an archive)

I'll need the time/station info and then I can submit the following to 
Tribune. (as well as the xml above)

On station/datetime  schedule info showed EP008159770127 but the closed 
captioning data was an exact match for EP008159770162 which aired on 
station/datetime.   The CC data was similar but not exactly the same as 
the original airing of EP008159770127  in 2009.

I doubt they'll be able to prevent this as the stations don't provide 
the info, but I'm sure Tribune would be happy to know, if for no other 
reason is it can imrpove their historical archive product.


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