[mythtv-users] Permission problem on /dev/video 0-3

mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net
Fri Jul 30 14:34:11 UTC 2010

> I suspect the backend is starting before the pvr module is loaded, and 
> the permission denied message is because the device nodes simply are 
> not there. 

I don't think so, at least in my case.  I had stuck some "ls -l" logging 
in my scripts.  When it gets to my script I get something like:
rw------- root root /dev/video1

After waiting a while, I get
rw-rw---- root video /dev/video1

If ivtv isn't loaded there is no /dev/video1.  It seems more like the 
module is loading but then the udev rules aren't being applied for a 
while.  I'm not sure what's causing the delay but it can be 6 seconds or 
more in my case.


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