[mythtv-users] New Place for MythTV For-Hire Contractors

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Jul 30 04:23:59 UTC 2010

I get a reasonable amount of mail submitted to mythtv.org requesting
anything from custom work to helping a first-time user with
installation.  I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is
interested for-hire work with MythTV to check out a new independent
group I have created to help connect people with those who can get their
desired work done:


This has been created as an independent list because MythTV (in what
little legal capacity it does) operates as a non-profit and the
developers would like to keep all for-profit work separate and
independent.  However, requests over the years have ranged from "please
install MythTV for me" to building a custom OEM installation of MythTV
for hardware vendors, and I'm hoping that this will fill the need.


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