[mythtv-users] Using Fibre link to extend IR??

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Jul 29 21:42:32 UTC 2010

I have been renovating, and the mythbox has been living in the 
furnace-room, where it is now on the far side of a sheet of drywall. The 
Logitech DiNovo wireless (radio or bluetooth??) based keyboard works 
well (so long as I hold it vertically!), but of course, the iMon remote 
does not.

Does anyone know if a kludge of using a fibre link (TOS-link) or some 
other similar item, can channel an IR signal to an otherwise not visible 
IR receiver.

A quick google did not seem to retrieve anything likely. Then again, I 
probably used the wrong search terms.

Any ideas appreciated.

To further explain: I need some sort of receiving end/item in the rec 
room, and in effect, a IR-blaster on the mythbox, to repeat the signal. 
Not exactly a blaster however, since the signal does not originate from 
a computer.


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