[mythtv-users] Permission problem on /dev/video 0-3

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Thu Jul 29 05:36:25 UTC 2010


On Thursday 29 July 2010 04:34:35 MacNean Tyrrell wrote:

> He hasn't done updates (he doesn't without me) in those 2 days.
> The permisions on /dev/video0-3 is
> crw-rw----- root video
> where video has mythtv/hisusername as part of the group.
> The udev rules made it:
> crw-rw-rw- root video

That's very weird. Can you double check that user mythtv is running with is 
indeed in the video group, i.e. running 'id mythtv'?

Both settings should be fine then.

The only thing left might be that the devices are not created at first, but 
somehow only upon restarting the service, but that would be really odd.

Can you check the system logs (especially dmesg) for something odd during 



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