[mythtv-users] S-video/nvidia problems

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 20:23:10 UTC 2010

> When I run nvidia-settings (after rebooting with the LCD plugged in so I
> ...
> When X comes back up and I run
> nvidia-settings again, TV-0 has been turned to "disabled" again.

I had a similar problem to this (custom overscan reset to default
after X restart/reboot), and here is my solution. When I saved the
settings in the nvidia-settings utility, it did NOT save an xorg.conf
file -- it saved a .nvidia-settings-rc file in my home directory. This
file must be loaded manually with the command

nvidia-settings -l

each time X is launched. I placed the above command in my .xinitrc
file just prior to my window manager being launched, and now my
settings are restored as desired.

For more information, see "3. Loading Settings Automatically" on

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