[mythtv-users] Thanks for the work on OSD

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 13:54:41 UTC 2010

> While watching TV last night (with MythTV of course) I realized how great
> the new OSD pop-ups look.  Following the commits list I remember the large
> quantity of entries concerning the rewrite of the OSD code (I believe it was
> markk).  So I just wanted to take the time and thank markk (sorry, I
> couldn't find your last name) and any others that worked on this rewrite.  I
> know it took a lot of time and energy and the results are quite evident.
>  Great work!
> Thanks to you and the rest of the development team for making such an
> incredible product.

For those who can't upgrade yet are there any screenshots showing the new OSD?


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