[mythtv-users] S-video/nvidia problems

Jessica Perry Hekman jphekman at arborius.net
Wed Jul 28 13:01:56 UTC 2010

So last night I shut down my computer, unplugged the LCD monitor, and 
rebooted with only the TV attached. Success -- it came up with the 
display showing on the TV! (This also means that the problem does not 
have to do with different ohm loads.)

However, I do need to have the LCD work as well, because this computer 
is my desktop, not a dedicated MythTV box.

I rebooted with the LCD plugged back in and was back to square one. So 
at this point I seem to only be able to have one work at a time.

I also checked BIOS settings. There is a display setting which is 
currently set to "PCI." Other options are "PCI-E" and "Onboard." Not 
sure if I should try one of those? I don't actually know what the 
different options mean.

I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 (my previous email had said 
9.04). Graphics card is an nVidia Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE].

Is it time to try xorg.conf hacking? I hope not.


> Jessica Perry Hekman wrote:
> >Hi, all. I hope it is OK to post this question here. I have posted
> >to Ubuntu forums and to Nvidia forums, and gotten no answer either
> >place. I am at my wits' end as to how to solve this problem so
> >that I can use MythTV.
> >
> >I'm trying to get my desktop to output to my TV as a second
> >display (for MythTV viewing).

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