[mythtv-users] Opinions on Solid State Drives for Myth ???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jul 27 16:40:20 UTC 2010

I'm seeing 40GB SSDs for around $100.

40GB is enough for an OS and Myth itself (not video storage).

The consensus seems to be that the OS and Myth should be on a separate spindle from the video storage, which makes sense.

So the question is, would using a 40GB SSD for the OS and Myth result in any improvements in performance (or anything 
else) that would justify the $100, or would putting that $100 into additional RAM be a better way to go?

Obviously the answer depends on a lot of variables, like where you are starting from, but if building from scratch, and 
already using VDPAU, is it worth the cost? I'm talking about a combo FE/BE here.

There are other factors. Especially in a small case, using an SSD might free up space for an additional 3.5" HDD, perhaps 
allowing a RAID array for video where there was not room for one previously. It might reduce heat loading, and power 

Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to play with an SSD or two, but I'd be interested in what others might think.

Since the price range per GB for SSDs seems to vary considerably, it's obvious they are not all created equal, what specs 
should I pay attention to to get the most bang for the buck?

So far I can't see anything that would justify using an SSD, but perhaps someone else can.

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