[mythtv-users] OT: Comcast local QAM - would they still send signal if I cancel?

Douglas Peale Douglas_Peale at comcast.net
Mon Jul 26 19:27:26 UTC 2010

On 07/26/2010 12:17 PM, mythtv at derdev.com wrote:
> I don't think this is a dumb question, it's certainly not one that Comcast
> would answer...
> Today I receive my local stations over QAM to my HDHR as delivered by my
> Comcast subscription.
> I'm wondering if anyone actually knows (first hand) if Comcast kills your
> signal completely or simply backs you down to "locals only" (like an
> antenna") if you completely cancel your account.  I envision that it's more
> work for them to send a truck to kill the signal completely than it is for
> some support agent to back down my subscription and stop billing.
> Basically I'm wrestling with a decision to put up an HD antenna of my own
> or not... if there's a decent chance that Comcast would keep feeding me the
> locals, I'd love to know.  Of course, YMMV will be in everyone's response -
> I understand.
> thanks!
> Dave.

I'm rather sure that they will come by and physically disconnect your cable drop from their system, and put a locking device on
the connection to prevent you from climbing the pole & reconnecting.

I went for many years without cable, and finally broke down and got cable as it was the only available choice besides dialup for
internet access. When they came to connect they had a very difficult time trying to remove the security device, and eventually
had to replace the box it was connected to.

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