[mythtv-users] Perhaps a reinstall

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 08:39:19 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 7:18 PM, Mark Adams <madams9 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been looking at this mythtv installation under mandriva 2010.0 that I
> can't get to generate audio from.  I've got two options right now as I see
> it.
> One.  I can dump my settings to a backup file and then uninstall/reinstall
> mythtv 0.22 from the rpm repositories.  At that point, I can either spend
> the several hours it would take to (possibly) get mythtv working properly,
> or simply dump my mysql tables back into /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg.
> Two. I can spend the time doing a fresh install of mandriva 2010.1 which
> will give me access to mythtv 0.23 from the repos.  Again, it would probably
> take time to get mythtv working on top of the time it would take to install
> and configure everything else, but I would probably avoid whatever glitch is
> currently standing between me and audio right now.
> Three. I can perform an online upgrade in place to bring mandriva 2010.0 up
> to 2010.1 along with all the available applications in the repos. Problem
> with this otherwise attractive option is that if what I'm experiencing is
> the result of some misconfiguration, it is unlikely that upgrading
> everything will avoid that misconfiguration.  It's also a little more risky
> and time consuming than upgrading from the disc.
> Do any of you folks have any opinion on this?  Any input that I may have not
> considered?

Two A: do two but also restore the database backup you made in One.

Do read and follow this:


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