[mythtv-users] Hardware; dual dvb-s/hdtv antenna/pvr

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Mon Jul 26 04:24:49 UTC 2010

Hey folks,

Been interested in mythtv for a very long time, even gave it a try a few times but didn't have the time to get things fully working.
At this point, I've just finally given up DTV after getting screwed over and have decided to give FTA KU and C-band a try.
The very first problem is that I simply cannot live without being able to pause live video and of course record etc. 

I've been reading for a solid week and am having a heck of a hard time finding the right hardware to make this happen.
Figured maybe it's time to get involved in the list, see what folks might suggest so here's what I'm after and would very much appreciate your input.

The hardware I am trying to find, which would work well with MythTV would be as follows.

-At least one (or more) composite (better, would be component) inputs
-At least one DVB-S (Better, would be DVB-S2) card which can handle DiSEqC motor control for KU and C-band

Reading everything I can, it's not clear what hardware would work best. Well, not clear, in the sense of not enough input from end users as to the quality of the hardware, as in nice clear output etc. 

Anyhow, hoping for input and again, appreciated.


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