[mythtv-users] Reliability of USB capture cards

Keith Edmunds kae at midnighthax.com
Sun Jul 25 09:50:06 UTC 2010

Myth 0.23 with a Hauppauge Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T, both tuners configured
and both tuners set to record a maximum of two recordings at a time with a
750mS delay on tuning.

Once or twice a week, I get zero byte recordings. Powering the Myth box
off and on again cures this. I've read elsewhere on this mailing list that
USB tuners can be temperamental. For those that are unaware, this
particular card is a PCI card but it presents each tuner as a USB device.

Is there anything I can do to improve the reliability of this card?

Would I be better off replacing it and, if so, any suggestions for a DVB-T
dual tuner?


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