[mythtv-users] Mythtv 0.24 svn - Metadata download issues with jamu and the mass grabber

Rajesh Krishna Balan rajesh at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Jul 25 07:28:18 UTC 2010


These might be known issues, but I'll just list them anyway. with the 
latest svn revision (25419), both jamu and the built-in grabber fail.

1) Built in Grabber

the built-in grabber successfully calls tmdb.pl but then does not seem 
to be able to parse the output. I traced the problem to the

MetadataLookupList MetadataDownload::runGrabber

function in metadatadownload.cpp  in libs/libmythui

it successfully downloads the metadata. But the DOM processing seems to 

     grabber.start(cmd, args);
     QByteArray result = grabber.readAll();

     if (!result.isEmpty())
         QDomDocument doc;
         doc.setContent(result, true);
         QDomElement root = doc.documentElement();
         QDomElement item = root.firstChildElement("item");
             VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, QString("DOM Processing Done"));

My "Dom Processing Done" debugging statement prints indicating that the 
grabber returned something and that the dom processing code parsed it. 
Unfortunately, it did not return anything as item is set to NULL and the 
remaining code that adds the metadata to the MetadataLookup object fails 
to run. That fails the entire metadata lookup.

In particular, the "while (!item.isNull())" on the next line fails

2) Jamu

jamu just fails to run and prints some error messages. my python foo is 
weak so I could not really debug this.


! Warning - Creating an instance caused an error for one of: MythDB or 
MythVideo, error('MythDBConn' object has no attribute 'close')

! Warning - MythTV python bindings could not be imported, 
error('MythDBConn' object has no attribute 'close')

! Error: The MythTV python interface is not installed or Cannot connect 
to MythTV Backend. MythTV meta data cannot be updated

I've verified that the python libraries are being installed properly.


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