[mythtv-users] Internal player and sub-titles

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Fri Jul 23 07:26:57 UTC 2010


Mythbuntu 9.10, MythTV 0.23

I have been doing some searching around for some definitive answers to a 
couple of questions I have, but I keep seeing either conflicting stuff 
or answers that do not seem to apply or are for older versions.

What I know:

   1.) 0.23 with storage groups enabled (which is required for MythWeb 
to be happy displaying videos) does not support external players (at 
least not without some fiddling and use of scripts, which I have seen))

   2.) The support of external players may be deprecated in later 
versions of MythTV (this appears to still be undecided)

   3.) To display subtitles *.srt files) using the internal player, I 
need to have the .srt file in the same directory as the video, and named 
the same.  I also either need to press the "T" key, or in the 
Mythfrontend settings, enable "always show close captioning" (or 
something line that; just going from memory at the moment)

My problems/questions:

   1.) The subtitle text is *way* too small.  I tried changing the "Text 
zoom percentage" under "TV OSD Settings" to higher values, but that did 
not make any difference.  When I used mplayer in previous versions, i 
could change the sub-title text size in the mplayer config.  Is there a 
way to change the text size for the internal player?  I also tried 
changing the sizes of "Small", "Medium", and "Big" font sizes under the 
"Appearance" settings menu, but that just affects the font sizes for the 

   2.) I keep any .srt files for my movies in a directory called 
"subtitles" under my main "mythtv" directory.  When I used mplayer as my 
video player before, I just created a symlink to that directory under 
"~/.mplayer" called "sub", and the subtitles showed automatically. 
Using the internal player, I have to have the .srt file in the same 
directory as the video (or a symlink to it), but I would really prefer 
not to (has to do with my own personal idea of aesthetics when I am 
listing my "movies" directory from the command line when I am SSH'd in). 
  Is it possible to specify a location for subtitle files for the 
internal player to look?

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you may provide.

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