[mythtv-users] Hardware setup

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Thu Jul 22 21:02:05 UTC 2010

> > Why so much power? With an HDHomeRun, very little CPU is required to
> > record. With VDPAU, very little CPU is required for playback. Do you
> > intend to commflag or transcode? If so, a dual-core Atom or
> > single-core Pentium would, I think, be adequate and run cooler (and
> > therefore quieter). Without commflagging or transcoding, a single-core
> > Atom should be fine and you should be able to cool it passively (hard
> > to get quieter than that).
> >
> I find that Adobe Flash will use whatever CPU/RAM I throw at it. Just a
> thought.

You make that sound like a good thing.
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