[mythtv-users] Backend consolidation, round 3.

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Thu Jul 22 18:16:50 UTC 2010

Warpme wrote:
> Hi,
> I had the same issue with (a) /dev/videoX permissions and (b) random 
> /dev/videoX detection during reboot.
> For (a) I do:
> usermod -a -G video,audio,optical,storage,users mythtv
> For (b) I wrote "99-video-tuners.rules"
> KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv0 encoder 
> MPG*",SYMLINK+="PVR-250_1"
> KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv1 encoder 
> MPG*",SYMLINK+="PVR-250_2"
> KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv2 encoder 
> MPG*",SYMLINK+="PVR-250_3"
> KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv3 encoder 
> MPG*",SYMLINK+="PVR-250_4"
> and put it into:
> /etc/udev/rules.d/
> and do:
> udevadm control --reload-rules
> br

Thanks for that.
I may be close enough to a working system again to consider putting a 
udev rule in place.
...haven't even tucked the wires in the new box and put the cover on it 
yet. That's the confidence I have in what I've done so far.
who'd a thunk, three weeks to do this migration/upgrade... Didn't take 
that much longer to do my very first build of mythtv 4 years ago, and I 
was learning Linux at the same time then.

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