[mythtv-users] Duplicate recordings because of bad SD data?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jul 21 20:32:41 UTC 2010

  On 07/21/2010 04:10 PM, MarcT wrote:
> I wasn't in any way blaming Myth for the issue. My intention was to find out
> if any other users have seen issues like this with data from SD. I wanted to
> see if this was an isolated issue or not and it seems to be a fairly common
> occurrence.
> I'll probably be submitting an email to SD about the issues later.

Yeah, I understand.  I just wanted to encourage you to do a one-time 
--refresh-all to verify that there /is/ a problem before you actually 
e-mail them.  If you don't, the first thing they'll ask you to do is to 
run mythfilldatabase --refresh-all .  ;)


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