[mythtv-users] Duplicate recordings because of bad SD data?

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Wed Jul 21 15:14:24 UTC 2010

    > Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 10:50:53 -0400
    > From: "MarcT" <myrdhn at gmail.com>

    > Anyone else seen this before?

Sure, all the time, and it seems to be getting worse in the last
2-3 months.

I'd have to trawl my database to be specific, but there are plenty of
examples, spread out across many networks, where either the description
was "generified" (no particular data supplied about which episode), or
the same show had different programids (and occasionally slightly
different descriptions).  Plus there have been some series in the past
where the descriptions were frequently for the wrong episode entirely.
This is common on a couple of my PBS stations, and it was also common
for many months for "How It's Made" a couple years ago.  (Plus, the
History Channel has of late had an unfortunate trend of having its
entire primetime lineup for a particular day be "to be announced"
until only a day or two in advance, or its entire Sunday lineup
not decided until too late for SD to distribute the data, etc so
half of the day is TBA, etc.)  I could name half a dozen examples
off the top of my head for the last month or two of various series
that clearly aired a totally incorrect episode from what the
description claimed they'd be airing.

(I have automation that can compare the closed-captioning data for a
particular show with the entire rest of the series I've recorded and
tell me if they look suspiciously similar; I use that to drop actual
repeats that aired with incorrect metadata, and to drop repeats for
shows that often air with no metadata at all.  This was a defensive
move against bad metadata; if the SD data was always correct, I'd
never have had to write this.  I'll bet the actual blame is spread out
across the broadcaster & Tribune; SD can only repeat what they're told.)

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