[mythtv-users] Frontend Remote Recommendations

Robert Shields rwshields at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 14:09:53 UTC 2010

I am running MythTV 0.23 on Ubuntu 10.04.  My frontend (Zotac Atom board) is
in the TV room.

I need a remote/IR sensor that can work with a logitech harmony remote 510
that is USB based.  I recently bought this remote off of Amazon:

However, I came to find out that is an MCE clone and is being a pita to
program.  I am looking for something that "just works".

First off - does anyone have the remote I already purchased and have had any
luck programming it?

If not...
Does anyone have an IR receiver working with Myth and a Logitech remote?
How can I be sure the next MCE remote I buy is not a clone?

 Any recommendations/product links would be extremely helpful!

Rob Shields
Email: rwshields at gmail.com
CWRU Computer Science PhD Student
S.A.G.E. Project Developer (http://darwin.cwru.edu/)
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