[mythtv-users] Mouse pointer reappearing

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Tue Jul 20 12:44:44 UTC 2010

On 19 Jul 2010, at 22:24, Jason Chambers wrote:

>>> It's a FAQ, triggered by the resolution change or a focus 
>>> change when using the Nvidia driver.
>>> Some find installing declutter and restarting X fixes it
> <snip>
> On 19/07/2010 21:58, mythtv wrote:
>> Thanks for the input.  Where can I find this declutter app you speak of?
>> Google is not being friendly.
> Try /unclutter/ instead, much easy to find ;-)

Oops, sorry yes.

Either way Google is pretty blind to a util with such a general name.

Ubuntu/ Debian has it as a standard tool so: apt-get install unclutter
In fact this installs it and calls it during X startup so nothing more needed to be done.

I'm sure Gentoo/ Centos/ Redhat/ Fedora do something similar too.


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