[mythtv-users] Mouse pointer reappearing

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Mon Jul 19 16:51:36 UTC 2010

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> On 7/19/10 12:04 PM, mythtv wrote:
> > I'm not sure if this is something just related to my system 
> or not but the
> > mouse pointer keeps reappearing on one of my front ends.  The only
> > difference that I can think of that would cause this front 
> end to act
> > differently is that it is configured for different 
> resolutions and frame
> > rates for the menu and the TV.  All of my other front ends are "same
> > resolution."  Could this be the reason?  I haven't tried 
> switching back
> > because its not THAT annoying, yet.  As soon as I move the mouse, it
> > disappears, but I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this?
> >    
> I've been seeing this on my MacBook since 0.23. I use the 
> same rez for 
> UI and video. Neither of my other two (non Mac) FEs do this.
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> Dan Wilga                                                     
>    "Ook."

I've been seeing it since 0.22 and was hoping 0.23 would have a fix for it,
but, alas it does not.  The mouse seems to reappear whenever we watch a
movie or recording, maybe even on live TV but I don't watch much of that
anymore.  That's what got me to thinking it might be the xrandr switching
that is bringing it back after some mode change.  If it helps, I'm running
Gentoo, xorg-server 1.7.6 and nvidia-drivers 195.36.31, but I know previous
versions of the nvidia drivers did the same thing.

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