[mythtv-users] HD-PVR Channel Changing Inquiry

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Mon Jul 19 02:45:35 UTC 2010

Larry K <lunchtimelarry at gmail.com> says:
> I think what may have helped throw me off track was the wiki
> statement that goes something like "if you don't care about channel
> changes, then set it to /bin/true".  Seems like that would never be
> the case for me or anyone else, unless there is a scenario I have
> not considered.

Perhaps only for testing purposes, but I agree that the language is
misleading as it stands; as you found it implies that a
channel-changing script is optional.

> As for firewire, that sounds like a solid, reliable way to change
> channels, but my Asus M3N78-VM MoBo doesn't have native firewire
> support, and I'm not wild about adding a firewire card right now.

Jarod's done a heroic amount of work in getting the HD-PVR's IR
blaster supported. I never bothered with it for my own HD-PVR, though,
because FireWire (which I've used for years on my cable boxes to use
directly as tuners, including the one the HD-PVR is connected to) is
indeed a solid, reliable way to change channels; certainly more
reliable than the IR blaster my old TiVo came with, which probably
missed a digit every 30 recordings or so. Over FireWire it's more like
once a year, perhaps. Cards are as little as under $10. The Agere
FW323 chipset is guaranteed to work, but others (like Via) likely will
too; Jarod's written on this topic in the archives.

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