[mythtv-users] Hd Pvr playback jitter

Don Brett dlbrett at zoominternet.net
Sun Jul 18 17:10:05 UTC 2010

MarcT wrote:
>> Don,
>> Which deinterlacing method do you use? Also is the video HD or SD? Sorry I
>> didn't download the videos.
>> I'm capturing and playing from a diskless ATOM/ION based FE/BE combo to a
>> NFS share.
>> Playback is fine, until the ION starts to overheat. This heatwave is doing
>> bad things to my system, it is fanless as well, and the wife says we don't
>> need an AC to cool off the house.
>> MarcT
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> I haven't paid much attention to the temperature; the box has seven 
> fans, including one on the video board.  At the moment it's 63 degc (145 
> degf).  The slowdown threshold (reported by nvidia-setttings) is 125 
> degc, so I doesn't look like I'm very close to it.
> I didn't know I had to pay attention to the de-interlacing settings.  
> Good catch, that seems to make quite a difference.  It's using VDPAU 
> rendering, and I assumed the default settings would be close enough, but 
> maybe not.  I just switched the deinterlacers to "One Field (1x, HW)" 
> and all the jitter went away.  I doubt this is how we want to leave it, 
> so I'll do some experimenting with the settings.
> Thanks for the tip, I think we're on the right track now.
> Don
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> Don,
> This might be a good place to start.
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/VDPAU
> According to the supported cards section of the wiki article your 8400GS is
> a G98 chipset and should be able to do up to Temporal 2x. Advanced 1x and 2x
> are out of your capabilities unless it's a SD recording.
> Further down you will see other user experiences with certain card types, as
> always take those with a grain of salt.
> MarcT
> ___
I found that wiki just moments before you sent me the link.  It "looks" 
like the board is a G98, but searching more I found this wiki:


It's kinda hard to tell, but it looks like I might have the G86.  My 
board has 512 meg, but is running at 450 mhz.  One of the user 
experiences with the G86 matches my experience using the "One Field (1x, 
HW)" setting.

Actually, I have a new nvidia 220 board that I plan to use, once I 
work-out adding audio onto the HDMI connection.  I have the procedure, 
just haven't done it yet.  I might just leave this one working as-is and 
invest the time into the newer board.

Thanks again for the help, it made this board quite usable,


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