[mythtv-users] cannot run mytharchive on video storage group

Anthony Desmarais anthonyd at uec.com.au
Sun Jul 18 11:05:59 UTC 2010


Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

I am running mythTV 0.23 which has been working just fine for a while. I 
also have configured video storage groups for all my video files.

I have also successfully run mytharchive to create DVD's of recorded 

Today I tried to run mytharchive to create a DVD of a video file in the 
storage group and it failed with the following error:

ERROR: Source file does not exist: Movies/Kids 

I can see that this  because the path to the video file is incorrect but 
I dont know exactly how to resolve this.

Any ideas?

For the record it is a front end/back end combined machine so 
mytharchive will have access to the files if the path were correct.

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