[mythtv-users] Nvidia underclocking vdpau

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 06:38:51 UTC 2010

I'm finally able to post an update:

PCI 8400 GS (BFG brand), stock heatsink/fan removed and Zalman
ZM-NB32K and 40mm fan added*
Jetway mini-ITX board with 1.4GHz P3, 80w power supply
2D and 3D CPU clocks set to 333MHz from 567MHz stock, memory at stock 333Mhz
VDPAU Slim profile, version 235 Nvidia driver
S-video output @ 720x480
1080i and 720p content play smoothly
1080i at Full zoom and 1.5X time stretch plays smoothly

No problems so far, GPU temperatures @ 29C ambient (no A/C ;) ) run
65C-ish underclocked. Not sure what it runs full speed because temps
started to exceed 71C and I didn't want to push it further.

Since I have only an SD TV, I'll probably change to onefield for 1080i
content and try further underclocking GPU and video RAM to reduce
temperatures. I realize my setup is somewhat atypical (no HD output)
so those of you wanting HD 2X Advanced deinterlacing can probably
forget underclocking.

* I did this because the stock fan is noisy and was already starting
to grind (cheap crappy stock fan)

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