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Chua KianTeck chua_kianteck at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 16 02:16:10 UTC 2010

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> Thought some of you might enjoy this.
> Over the past several months, a number of us have been working hard at
> Blu-ray playback in Myth.  The libraries used are still in their
> infancy, but as of tonight, although not easy (and requires the
> installation of some external libs and editing of key files for them,
> as well as some configuration unique to each drive), it is possible to
> play back some retail blu-ray disks, direct from the disk, in MythTV.
> Disks which are AACS-protected only with MKV versions 10 or less will
> play successfully straight off the disk.  To give you some idea, I
> have a few dozen films, all a few years old, with the newest being The
> Dark Knight.  All play successfully in Myth.
> Thanks to some collaboration amongst a number of us, Blu-ray playback,
> (limited) encrypted Blu-ray playback, chapter navigation, correct
> seeking, and title switching between the various items on the disk are
> all possible, including proper playback of the HD Audio codecs at
> their native bit depths and numbers of channels thanks to the work of
> Jean Yves and Foobum, in trunk, which will ultimately become MythTV
> 0.24 in a couple months.  I daresay MythTV has by far the most
> advanced native Blu-ray playback implementation in Linux.  The above
> features are not available by default in MPlayer, XBMC, Xine, VLC, or
> anywhere else.
> I'll reiterate that it's not easy, there are some configuration
> hurdles (all outside of Myth code) to overcome to make retail disk
> playback work, but it is very, very possible.
> Robert
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I'll say woot!!  Great job Myth developers!  Now I can justify to the wife for 
purchasing that Blu-ray drive for the MythTV setup.


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