[mythtv-users] MyMote and Remotux status

Chase Douglas chasedouglas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 22:32:32 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I am the developer of MyMote and Remotux, two iPhone apps I have found
to be extremely useful in my own MythTV based home theater system. I
have been maintaining them and updating them with new features for
over two years now. I updated the apps for iOS 4 before my annual
developer membership lapsed hoping that the apps would remain on the
store. Unfortunately, Apple pulled the apps. I have paid $99 to put
these applications back up on the app store for another year.

If you use MyMote or Remotux and you would like to help offset this
annual cost, please consider donating. Without support, I may be
forced to let my membership lapse in the future. If you are interested
in donating, please see:


Thank you for your support!

-- Chase

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