[mythtv-users] "Error opening jump program file" when switching tuners: is this a known problem and did I really fix it?

Joe jfwd at phlobus.net
Thu Jul 15 22:10:21 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 5:35 PM, David Lasker <dave at altosdesign.com> wrote:
> When I first set up the system, I could watch digital TV on the HVR-1250 and
> analog TV on the HVR-1600 just fine. But when I tried to switch to the
> HVR-1600's digital tuner, the front-end would fail with a pop-up dialog:
> "Error opening jump program file"
> Once this happened, I couldn't start "Watch TV" without getting that error.
> I had to kill and restart the FE and BE to watch TV again. I'm not sure if
> the
> backend was working and retrying the failed tuner, or if it was hung.

I dealt with the same problem after my recent upgrade to 0.23-fixes.
I am using a HDHomeRun tuner for the few stations that come in clear
QAM from Time Warner Cable, and a PVR-150 connected to the cable box
for the others that don't.

Here's my story -- TWC likes to rearrange these on occasion, so I have
to do a channel scan to find them.  I did this as part of my upgrade
because some channels had recently stopped working.  But, they never
get detected with the right names/callsigns/xmltvid's so I have to use
LiveTV, tune to each detected channel, figure out what it really is,
and update the callsign and xmltvid to get it all right.  Probably
80-90% of the channels that are found are actually NOT viewable.

The interesting thing is that when live TV tries to tune some of these
non-viewable (possibly encrypted) channels, it fails back out to the
main menu and pops up that "jump file" error -- and after that live tv
won't work at all until I restart the FE.  Not all the non-viewable
channels had this behavior, but a good portion of them did.

The only workaround I found when I hit one of these was to shut down
the FE/BE, go into mythtv-setup and set the starting channel for live
tv to something that was likely a good channel, delete the problem
channel, and repeat.  Now that I've got all the "bad" channels
removed, live tv works OK (although I don't typically use it).

So the short version is I believe it's correlated to getting garbage
in the video stream ... but I don't have a real answer either.  I'm
interested to hear if anyone else does!

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