[mythtv-users] Equipment needed for DishTv to Myth

Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Thu Jul 15 18:55:27 UTC 2010

Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 7/14/2010 07:35, Jim Morton wrote:
>> In other words - If I have 3 STBs all in different rooms from the 
>> backend what are the options for connecting STB -> PVR and PVR -> 
>> Myth without running 25 feet USB and IR transmitter cables?
> MythTV expects to have dedicated access to the hardware it wants to 
> use.  If you are using the STB manually, and MythTV tries to record 
> from it, you may run into problems.  Is there any reason you can't 
> move all your STBs into one room with the existing backend?
No reason that I can think of. That's probably the way to go, it's just 
not something I had considered. I can't remember the last time anyone 
here watched live tv so I don't think we'll be using the STBs manually. 
Thanks for the suggestion!

Jim Morton 

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