[mythtv-users] Stability problems with 9400GT and VDPAU

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Jul 15 17:06:48 UTC 2010

Tyler T wrote:
>> I couldn't figure out
>> how to underclock the GPU though,
> I believe you need to enter Options "Coolbits" "1" in your xorg.conf
> Nvidia section, then the Overclock option appears in nvidia-settings.
>> but I did find the TDP and it's
>> rated at 50 watts. So that combined with my CPU at 65 watts leaves a
>> little leftover for the hard drive and motherboard.
> Hm, with 275w to play with you should be fine, HDs don't draw that
> much. However I suppose it's possible an old PS can't output it's full
> spec (or, you're running out of just one of the rails [12v, 5v, etc]
> with plenty on the other rails).
It's also possible the PSU will operate *worse* if it doesn't get sufficient 
loads on certain rails. I got tripped up once where a 200W flex ATX PSU was 
perfectly ok on a board with an attached hard disk. Removed the disk in order to 
netboot and the thing wouldn't even get past the BIOS check. Had to put the disk 
back :(


Mike Perkins

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