[mythtv-users] MythGame

Kevin Ruml k_ruml at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 02:14:48 UTC 2010

>>> Does MythGame work under 0.23? The issue I see is that I set up the 
>>> directory  with the games, then do a scan, but nothing is added to the 
>>> gamemetadata  table. 
>> I'm seeing a problem as well.  I haven't used mythgame much this year >>(or >since upgrading to 0.23), or had any reason to scan for games.  But >>I tried adding one new game just last weekend and now when I do a scan, >>it says the roms for games I've had in the system for a long time no >>longer exist and ask if I want to remove them from the database.  The >>roms are there and the games are playable.  I tried importing the romdb >>according to the wiki then scanning, and that didn't do anything >>different.  I cleared all metadata and rescanned and it deleted all the >>games (except for fceu (I think) ones which is strange).  I had to >>restore my DB to get them back (can't leave the kids on vacation without >>them  :)  ).  I can post the frontend errors I get when scanning if >>needed - no access to the systems right now.  Running Debian Squeeze with >>debian-multimedia  packages. 
>> Kevin 
>Working here in trunk (which uses identical scanning code). 

So I had some time to take a look at this tonight and found the problem on my system.  Without the game players having the "File Extensions" filled in, it wouldn't find the roms.  For whatever reason I had extensions filled in for FCEU but none of the other players so it was the only player that had roms not prompting for removal.  I guess something changed and the description for the "File Extensions" entry saying that blank means any file under the roms path being considered usable for the player is now wrong (at least on my system).  I never needed the extensions filled in before.  Anyway, scanning for roms is working now that I filled in appropriate extensions.


P.S.  For those searching the mail list archives (or just noticing the thread), I'm sorry about breaking the thread.  I just joined the list after being a lurker for years and messed up the subject, which was another thread subject, since I didn't have the original to reply to in my mail client.  I goofed it up a bit.


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