[mythtv-users] World of pain migrating to "Storage Groups"

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Jul 14 22:30:33 UTC 2010

On 7/14/2010 18:07, Joseph Fry wrote:
> This is what I like about the mythprotocol implementation... if only 
> it supported .iso and external players.

Myth protocol supports both of those just fine.  It's merely a file 
access system.  The problem is the DVD handling library, and external 
players, do not speak myth protocol.  You've got a couple options for 
that.  You could launch the non-compliant code in such a manner that you 
override the default file access routines with ones that support myth 
protocol.  You could set up some sort of virtual file system through a 
kernel module or FUSE application.  You could rewrite the external code 
such that it supports myth protocol natively.

> Raymond... since you have knowledge of the internal workings of the 
> mythprotocol, can you comment on how difficult it would be to create a 
> filesystem implementation of it.

The python bindings currently have support for 'file-like' access to 
content over myth protocol.  It would be fairly simple to write a PyFUSE 
application to produce a virtual filesystem to access the content.  Such 
a program currently exists on the wiki, as well as the contrib directory 
in 0.23, and was intended as an alternative to mythlink.pl that did not 
need file access.

Note that it is not a simple procedure to make FUSE or any other virtual 
file system mountable by a not-root user.  As such, no such solution 
could ever be considered official, and implemented in MythTV.

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