[mythtv-users] MythTV Themes - Looking great!

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Wed Jul 14 13:46:20 UTC 2010

I have a semi-related question: how does MythTV decide whether or not to 
show a cover art for a particular folder.  I have several folders in my 
"Videos" directory of various TV series, then additional sub folders for 
seasons (e.g., "Videos\Battle_Star_Galactica\S01").

Some of my "top level" TV series folders have cover art that appears to 
be grabbed from one of the seasons' cover art, but others have nothing, 
even though the individual season folders (S01, S02, S03, etc.) do have 
cover art.

If you want to see what I actually mean, I can take a screen shot and 
send it in a reply.


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